Here is a rundown of my ever growing network of friends and family investigating the many issues around space and place which interest me.  The collection of websites, blogs and journals help when lost and when I think I’m found they make sure I get lost again!  All very useful and fun, please have a click around, get in touch and suggest more…




Adaptable Suburbs – I am one of three PhD students on this EPSRC funded project based out of The Barlett School of Graduate Studies at UCL.  A deeper understanding of suburbs is sought in particular looking at the relationship between the built environment and social life, I take a historical perspective to the emergence of networks of movement and the role of history and memory in place making by both people and stubborn materialities.  I use the skills of the team in bringing together architectural methods and approaches together with anthropological understandings.  Its all very exciting!

Great Blogs On Space Place Stuff… – Journal and Weblog, it will make your brain hurt! Some really interesting debates from here and one of my favourites. varve – Tim Cresswell’s thoughts on place, mobility, landscape and poetry, always a pleasure to read. Matthew Gandy – prolific and gripping writer on cities, landscapes and nature.  Ecological dynamics of urban space the connection/co-mingling of bodies and place and the moving image are key themes.

In/Out 0f Place…Spectral Nonsensical… – Bradley Garret and crew go on their urban explorations blurring lines, breaking boundaries and turning the outside in.  Fun, full on and bursting with potential to make your thoughts go through worm holes. – the politics of it all, oh yeh that! – where are we…let Brian take a picture and…. – The inside of buildings, yeh….

Geography if it’s not here….

Follow objects through space and time ahh where material culture Anthropology, geography politics all meet (and it helps you do your shopping)

Anthropological – based out of UCL anth Material culture group, what do materials do.. if you don’t know….. – leading blog on matters Anth – reflexive and personal reflections on doing, being Anthropological.  Helps me think other people think “Eh?” sometimes too. for Anthropologists that like to talk a lot (find one that doesn’t!)


Londonist – general London – Dave Hill of the Guardian, keeps it London!

Historyistish Musing on Historical Geogrpahy and social life…. Manchester focus (good city that!) – history in the making

Moving, Wandering & Walking – US focused but interest and up to date with how people move, want to move and think about moving. – walking and art…yes please – guess…yep walking – walking and talking – this one is about ‘being’ generally, very phenomeno-logical,_Landscape,_Literature.html – walking tours, bit spooky! – lets all walk walk walk!

If life’s a Journey then pack a bag Random people with interesting projects all around but – geographical, discursive, moving being…. Arty… and walking – of particular interest.

Memory & Oral History – working in Leeds on Oral Histories using locative media and new technologies, interesting yes! – Toby Butler’s memoryscapes! – oral histories

Architecture & Urban Studies – people and objects, where Anthropology and Architecture meet… interesting scraps of all sorts lots of wanderings and meanderings. – Does what it says on the tin, lots of interesting visuals that present data in very interesting ways. – all a bit psycho-geography, don’t be square but a square…. – landscape futures, architectural conjecture and urban speculations – Network the network, ideas of movement and place (and some handsome maps)

Citizen Science

Others of general interest – Datarific

Land & Activism